An interesting day

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Dates, Real Life

The day is 12/12/12 and at 12:12:12 it was the last time this century that the date and time will have the same number for every part. Today I wanted to share a thought. What if we don’t make it to the next time this type of event will happen in 2101? Not too hard to imagine sadly because a person born today will be 89 on that day (give or take a few months). Will our descendants be keeping our calendar by mars? Will there be 10 days in a week? We don’t know for certain but what we do know is that whatever happens, the sun will rise and the sun will set every 24 hours. For the moment all we can do is hypothesise and several people are unsure if humanity will even make it that far. Take for example those that believe that in just a few days civilisation will end forever. However unlikely this thought may seem, the fact of the matter is the people do have evidence to support their claim. Unlike the pastor who decided that due to an obscure calculation the world would end in May when this didn’t happen despite criticism from around the world he decided to announce an error with a new October event. This also didn’t happen. This man had no evidence just a few hidden little references in the bible. The people who believe that a similar event will happen on 20/12/2012 do have evidence to support these claims. They can show that the calendar that the Mayans used several thousand years ago. I however have come up with a theory that potentially solves the mystery of the “seismic event” that will happen. The Mayans were incredible mathematicians they knew a lot of very advanced stuff however their calendar mysteriously drops off at this date. My theory is that the Mayans would have worked out that their civilisation would not last forever and thus they created a hidden theorem to work out the maximum time any one civilisation could last on Earth before they were wiped out by another. They probably came to a figure of several thousand years and thought o.k. This is a problem we know the year but we do not know he date. This after some discussion they came up with the date 20/12 due to its utter simplicity. They would have also assumed that, had their calculations been wrong, the Mayans living in our time would have been able to continue the calendar. This is my theory.

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