The problem with schools

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Real Life

Well today was an interesting one. Sadly I have had what I have self diagnosed as Norovirus all day. And have become one of the 750000 that the disease is expected to hit this year.
The subject of widespread illness took me back to a science lesson about vaccines. We were all taught that because of random mutations some viruses are impossible to cure in the extremely long term. A prime example of this is Norovirus. When the white blood cells are done killing the virus they begin to produce memory cells to remember how to fight it. This is an effective system until these viruses that mutate turn up.
Once we get the pain of this out of the way we must turn our attention to schools. From what I have seen, many school lunch systems have become a shambles. There are often fights to get good food and there is often fresh food left uncovered in an extremely crowded environment. This is how diseases are spread in schools. One sneeze in the wrong place could infect several people in a crowd or even an entire batch of food. The potential for infection is thus increased. I have also had experience in the toilets where they have been filthy. Despite the obvious difficulties, especially in larger schools, to keep the toilets looking like new. The conditions in some places are an obvious health hazard. The schools need to have a much more effective sanitation system with covers for all food, and much more stringent toilet inspections.
I am the first to criticise Jamie Oliver for his “improvements” to school meals. Sugar and fat are an integral part to a healthy diet and the current system almost completely eliminates anything that kids like such as burgers, hot dogs and fizzy drinks. These are often reserved for staff. However schools wonder why children hate the school meals. They are often bland with little flavour. Luckily at least some schools offer the option of bringing a packed lunch which children can customise for their own tastes while other schools offer hideously overpriced sandwiches (£1.50 for a tuna sandwich anyone?) which offer nowhere near the amount of nutrients children need however they are still preferred over the hot meals or “salad bar”.
This I feel is why the school system of this country is going downhill. The government is constantly blabbering on about making exams harder and so on. This is my message to the government – SHUT UP YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ON ABOUT! They think that exams are getting easier year on year but they are still from experience incredibly difficult. If kids had more food that was of vaguely good quality, schools were more sanitary meaning less missed school days and had a reasonable amount of free time that was not taken up with one of: revision, homework, sleeping or eating. Maybe just maybe we would have one of the best school systems in the world.

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