Rollercoasters and Rich Tea Biscuits

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Crazyness, Real Life

Well it’s that time of day again and today’s subject may seem odd but let me explain. I absolutely hate rollercoasters, hands down, no questions asked seriously I wouldn’t even go on this beastie! In fact you could even extend the definition of rollercoaster to ANY thrill ride! I am known universally as the bag carrier whenever I go to a theme park. The strange thing is, I actually enjoy rollercoasters, not in real life but on the computer screen. I often follow the latest updates and rumours about rides and watch “POVs” on YouTube, all the while being an enjoyer of the Rollercoaster Tycoon series.

You may be asking what my strange habits may have to do with Rich Tea Biscuits. Well you have probably at some point in your life been struck down with some form of stomach upset (anyone who hasn’t I am extremely jealous.) The general rule for a stomach bug is to eat very plain food e.g. plain toast or plain pasta washed down with water. This is normally the bulk of anyone’s diet for about 2 days or more, not very nice however there is one unusual food that is both vaguely tasty and plain. You guessed it Rich Tea Biscuits. So how does this link to my rollercoaster habits, well they both perform functions they do not expect, my rollercoaster-phobia is the opposite of my obssesion with rollercoasters and the Rich Tea Buscuits are absolutely delicious but are plain and make your stomach ache feel much better. I seriously can’t explain this extremely strange phenomena except for saying that the world works in mysterious ways.

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