Posted: December 17, 2012 in Fantasy, Flying

It is time to admit something, I am an aviation buff. I am really into the ins and outs of a jet engine or the development of a new seat cover. It may seem pathetic but it’s like anything… Once you’re into it, there’s no going back. Today I was watching an interesting national geographic documentary called Evacuate Earth. This deals with a hypothetical scenario where humanity has 75 years to save itself by building an “ark” in space. This may seem crazy but it is theoretically true. This inspired me to begin thinking about the future of flight. We all know that fuel prices are increasing at record rates and are unlikely to fall for a long time. So the entire world is panicking and decides to find its greatest consumer of fuel. They quickly come up with aviation (fancy for plane) and order the companies of the world to find new ways of powering planes. There are several options, firstly solar power. This is actually being tested in the real world at the moment. The plane however is about as wide as a small airliner with its wings covered in solar panels yet this can only power a small engine powerful enough for 1 person. The scientists quickly rule this out as a viable replacement. Now they look to more unconventional methods. They find 2 which stand out. Nuclear power and antimatter power. The nuclear power could potentially power a plane for centuries but they are dangerous and heavy due to the lead needed to shield the source. So the scientists go for antimatter. They find this to be hard work. They get the matter they need but they have to keep it in a vacuum in a magnetic field in order to prevent it from hitting matter and causing a huge explosion. The benefits however are potentially huge. A 1kg “block” could in theory power a plane for millennia without refuelling. The lack of space needed for the system means that, with some small design tweaks and increased engine output power, the plane could fly without wings. This has happened before when an Israeli Airforce F15 lost an entire wing mid flight and still landed safely. This antimatter could also power spacecraft making them clean and fast. Thus we can see why they chose the antimatter route for all mankind. If we can do this in real life, then we would have be a millennia on in technology from where we are now. So sadly we are still going to be flying in flying tin cans with wings for a little longer. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post please follow @loobleblog on twitter and use the links below to share with your friends (why keep this to yourself). Looble


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