Are the Olympics overrated?

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Crazyness, Dates, Real Life
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Hello everyone

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted but I have had a lot going on recently.

Now then, today I have been thinking, after last summer’s London Olympics, the athletes involved have been treated as superstars with them appearing everywhere from football matches to concerts. I admit that they do deserve some recognition for reaching the world stage at an Olympics at home, yet really apart from the Olympics, how often do we hear about athletics other than at school sports days?

These men and women may be absolutely incredible, don’t get me wrong, but they still do not deserve the recognition they get. Take for example the BBC sports personality of the year. The team event rules specifically said that certain teams could not be given the award making using “team GB and Paralympics GB” as an example however, when the result was announced, who got it other than team GB and Paralympics GB. There were several potential teams deserving attention who were not at the games, notably the rider cup team or the cricket team yet because they were not at the Olympics they were ignored! Also at the actual personality of the year, the obvious person got it, the man of the moment, ringer of bells and rider of bikes, Bradley Wiggins! Ok his achievement was incredible but there were plenty of potential candidates. Andy Murray for example.

Another problem I had was the branding of the Paralympics. The Paralympics was incredible, yet they had very little coverage, and no real recognition as part of the success. Heck they couldn’t even be bothered to nickname them team GB but they made them seem different by calling them Paralympics GB this is against what they set out to do, make disabled sport recognised! This is even more prominent when you find that one of the really major stories was not when there was a race where not just the winner but the top 3 broke the world record (Which I saw, so can say with certainty!) but when the crowd booed George Osbourne for daring to show his face to present a medal!

Overall I hope this proves that the Olympics were really just overrated! I hope you enjoyed what you read, the blogs will come it may just take a while, please follow @loobleblog on twitter and share this with your friends.



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