What is real?

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Crazyness, Fantasy, Real Life
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Today I am going to ponder a question that you have possibly thought about yourself: what is real? We have been told for years that there are planets beyond our own, that the things we know to be real are real. Let us imagine however, that this is all a lie. There is no reality, only propaganda that has been dreamed up by our (humanity’s) brains. An example of this could be colour. I have written a previous post about colour and how it is different for everyone here.

In many people’s opinions the only thing we are certain of is what we can perceive with any of our 5 senses because we know that this is directly interacting with us. I think however that this should be raised to 2 senses. My reasoning is that the brain is known to play tricks on us. For example, almost everyone has experienced the unpleasant sensation of something crawling on you and become convinced you are under attack from a monster. Yet you look and there is nothing there. The brain has taken a recent experience and fooled you into being so prepared that you think it is there. Also if you put 2 coins of differing sizes in your pocket and feel them, they feel massive and almost the same size despite your knowledge that they are small.

Really we are actually not certain that the things in front of us are real at all. Technically if you look at something, you are seeing it as it was a fraction of a seconds before you saw it. Of course this makes no difference to our daily lives, yet imagine there was a TV exploded directly in front of your face. For a fraction of a second after this massive event, you would continue to see the world as before. Then until the shock or heat or sound hit you that you would know that it was not a simulation on the screen rather the TV itself that had exploded. This is due to the weaknesses of the human body and our brain’s assumption that everything is good until it gets more information.

So we can see that we cannot say anything is real. So are you sure that those sitting around you now are related to you? Don’t worry they probably are.

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