Hi guys,

I decided to blog today to spread awareness of an issue that I find very disturbing. That of the governmental response to a major disaster. By this I will specifically focus on a nuclear attack on the UK. I must remind you at this point that the UK has a different system to other countries so while many elements will be the same, it is unlikely that you will have the exact same procedures etc.

The problem of a nuclear attack first came about during the Cold War and it has been one of the biggest fears for many western governments since then. We know from the Cold War that if a nuclear attack were ever to come, the general public were going to be doomed. The UK (and US) government had several massive shelters, hardened against a nuclear blast, constructed in various strategic locations. These buildings would have functioned as the control centres in a plan to split the UK into “mini kingdoms” run by a “high commissioner.” The high commissioner would have complete control literally of life and death, until a time (if any) that the prime minister or other high ranking government official could take power.

The problem for the public was that the government had quickly found that it would be too expensive to house them in shelters, therefore they created a series of 20 short films to be shown if a nuclear attack was deemed likely in 72 hours. These would be supplemented by a book, which laughingly sold during peacetime for 5 old pennies. These were intended to teach the people how to build shelters to (to quote the name of the book and series) “protect and survive” the nuclear bomb. Sadly these “shelters” were more like what a child’s den would be like. An example would be a table covered in boxes of books or tightly packed earth. There is a conspiracy theory that the materials were carefully chosen to ensure that the body was cremated by the heat, saving the post attack resources.

There is also a chilling line in the book under what to take in the shelter with you, you are told to take a box containing various forms of I.D. This is rumoured to be for the easy identification of bodies. Once you were dead, it is thought that the government would use the great parks as mass burial sites, an example being Clapham common. Those who were unlucky enough to survive would have to stay in what remained of their shelter for around 2 weeks until it was considered the radiation level would be “safe” only then was it likely that food would begin to be distributed. Those who were then fit for work would have been at the complete control of the high commissioner who would have his generals create work gangs to, amongst other things, clear rubble and bury bodies. It is known that if any people were found looting, they would be shot by firing squad.

This is not fantasy, it is real from real British government plans publicly available. You can imagine the pure horror of this for the survivors. There is a great film called Threads which is an Extremely graphic showing of this, it is not for the faint of hearted, that is why I am going to request that for a link, please use the contact form here and I will provide it to you. Also there is the Government’s protect and survive films. These are in no way graphic but are equally chilling. They can be found on YouTube.

Thank you for reading today’s post, I sincerely apologise if it has scared you but I felt it needed to come out. Please can you to help me spread the message by clicking one of the share buttons at the bottom so that we can expose the tyranny that the British government was planning. Stay safe and have a good day.



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