The big reveal!

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Crazyness, Dates, Real Life
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I have promised a major announcement and now, has come the time to reveal all!

Today I am pleased to announce 2 major leaps that will be made available today!

First off, Looble blog is now on Facebook! I am sorry it has taken longer than expected but this was due to other commitments. The Facebook page will make it much easier to keep up to date with any happenings on the blog, as well as being much easier to share with friends! The link will be at the end of the post.

Now for another piece of news. At 18:00 GMT, a new page will be published on the site, the page for Looble Reviews. This is a new section I am adding in addition to my normal blog postings which will be me reviewing various items of reader choice. Each time the blog goes up, there will be a poll for the next item towards the end and on the Facebook page (hopefully coming soon). On the Looble reviews page, there will be a poll for the first item to be reviewed so go vote, it will count.

I know I promised 2 major leaps, now I must mention some slightly less good news. I am going to be committed to various things over the next 3 months or so, therefore it may be a long leap between posts. After this I aim to get into a more regular schedule but for the moment that is still unclear.

Now back to the positives, the Facebook page is online NOW for you to like and the Looble reviews page will be online at 18:00!

Thanks for staying loyal and don’t forget to follow @loobleblog on twitter and now like LoobleBlog on Facebook




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