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Hi guys,

I decided to blog today to spread awareness of an issue that I find very disturbing. That of the governmental response to a major disaster. By this I will specifically focus on a nuclear attack on the UK. I must remind you at this point that the UK has a different system to other countries so while many elements will be the same, it is unlikely that you will have the exact same procedures etc.

The problem of a nuclear attack first came about during the Cold War and it has been one of the biggest fears for many western governments since then. We know from the Cold War that if a nuclear attack were ever to come, the general public were going to be doomed. The UK (and US) government had several massive shelters, hardened against a nuclear blast, constructed in various strategic locations. These buildings would have functioned as the control centres in a plan to split the UK into “mini kingdoms” run by a “high commissioner.” The high commissioner would have complete control literally of life and death, until a time (if any) that the prime minister or other high ranking government official could take power.

The problem for the public was that the government had quickly found that it would be too expensive to house them in shelters, therefore they created a series of 20 short films to be shown if a nuclear attack was deemed likely in 72 hours. These would be supplemented by a book, which laughingly sold during peacetime for 5 old pennies. These were intended to teach the people how to build shelters to (to quote the name of the book and series) “protect and survive” the nuclear bomb. Sadly these “shelters” were more like what a child’s den would be like. An example would be a table covered in boxes of books or tightly packed earth. There is a conspiracy theory that the materials were carefully chosen to ensure that the body was cremated by the heat, saving the post attack resources.

There is also a chilling line in the book under what to take in the shelter with you, you are told to take a box containing various forms of I.D. This is rumoured to be for the easy identification of bodies. Once you were dead, it is thought that the government would use the great parks as mass burial sites, an example being Clapham common. Those who were unlucky enough to survive would have to stay in what remained of their shelter for around 2 weeks until it was considered the radiation level would be “safe” only then was it likely that food would begin to be distributed. Those who were then fit for work would have been at the complete control of the high commissioner who would have his generals create work gangs to, amongst other things, clear rubble and bury bodies. It is known that if any people were found looting, they would be shot by firing squad.

This is not fantasy, it is real from real British government plans publicly available. You can imagine the pure horror of this for the survivors. There is a great film called Threads which is an Extremely graphic showing of this, it is not for the faint of hearted, that is why I am going to request that for a link, please use the contact form here and I will provide it to you. Also there is the Government’s protect and survive films. These are in no way graphic but are equally chilling. They can be found on YouTube.

Thank you for reading today’s post, I sincerely apologise if it has scared you but I felt it needed to come out. Please can you to help me spread the message by clicking one of the share buttons at the bottom so that we can expose the tyranny that the British government was planning. Stay safe and have a good day.


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Today I am going to ponder a question that you have possibly thought about yourself: what is real? We have been told for years that there are planets beyond our own, that the things we know to be real are real. Let us imagine however, that this is all a lie. There is no reality, only propaganda that has been dreamed up by our (humanity’s) brains. An example of this could be colour. I have written a previous post about colour and how it is different for everyone here.

In many people’s opinions the only thing we are certain of is what we can perceive with any of our 5 senses because we know that this is directly interacting with us. I think however that this should be raised to 2 senses. My reasoning is that the brain is known to play tricks on us. For example, almost everyone has experienced the unpleasant sensation of something crawling on you and become convinced you are under attack from a monster. Yet you look and there is nothing there. The brain has taken a recent experience and fooled you into being so prepared that you think it is there. Also if you put 2 coins of differing sizes in your pocket and feel them, they feel massive and almost the same size despite your knowledge that they are small.

Really we are actually not certain that the things in front of us are real at all. Technically if you look at something, you are seeing it as it was a fraction of a seconds before you saw it. Of course this makes no difference to our daily lives, yet imagine there was a TV exploded directly in front of your face. For a fraction of a second after this massive event, you would continue to see the world as before. Then until the shock or heat or sound hit you that you would know that it was not a simulation on the screen rather the TV itself that had exploded. This is due to the weaknesses of the human body and our brain’s assumption that everything is good until it gets more information.

So we can see that we cannot say anything is real. So are you sure that those sitting around you now are related to you? Don’t worry they probably are.

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Thanks again


Hello everyone

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted but I have had a lot going on recently.

Now then, today I have been thinking, after last summer’s London Olympics, the athletes involved have been treated as superstars with them appearing everywhere from football matches to concerts. I admit that they do deserve some recognition for reaching the world stage at an Olympics at home, yet really apart from the Olympics, how often do we hear about athletics other than at school sports days?

These men and women may be absolutely incredible, don’t get me wrong, but they still do not deserve the recognition they get. Take for example the BBC sports personality of the year. The team event rules specifically said that certain teams could not be given the award making using “team GB and Paralympics GB” as an example however, when the result was announced, who got it other than team GB and Paralympics GB. There were several potential teams deserving attention who were not at the games, notably the rider cup team or the cricket team yet because they were not at the Olympics they were ignored! Also at the actual personality of the year, the obvious person got it, the man of the moment, ringer of bells and rider of bikes, Bradley Wiggins! Ok his achievement was incredible but there were plenty of potential candidates. Andy Murray for example.

Another problem I had was the branding of the Paralympics. The Paralympics was incredible, yet they had very little coverage, and no real recognition as part of the success. Heck they couldn’t even be bothered to nickname them team GB but they made them seem different by calling them Paralympics GB this is against what they set out to do, make disabled sport recognised! This is even more prominent when you find that one of the really major stories was not when there was a race where not just the winner but the top 3 broke the world record (Which I saw, so can say with certainty!) but when the crowd booed George Osbourne for daring to show his face to present a medal!

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Hi everyone.

Apologies for the absence during the holiday period, there is simply too much going on, just to let you know, I am probably not going back to daily posts for the immediate future so the best way to keep up to date with the latest postings is by adding yourself to the mailing list via. the homepage,

Secondly, a very happy new year to you and your families, and I hope that you will have a year as good as or better than the last.

Today I am going to be questioning what art is. The traditional view is that a painting or drawing is art, in more recent times, music, dramatics or even displays of horticulture, are considered  to be “art” but if you look at the “modern art” I could quite easily draw a single line on a canvas, go to a gallery and say, ‘look art, give me money.’ a good example of this is a piece of “art” in a gallery which is entitled, “my bed” literally it is an unmade bed, this has been valued at over a million pounds.

Sorry to any art lovers but I prefer the traditional pieces.

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Today for my Christmas message, I have decided to focus on the thing that only terrible thing to be funny. Jokes! Yes the worst part of the Christmas meal where members of the family pull their cracker and get a joke for example: What do you call a deer with no eyes? A no ideer!

The thing is why do we find these poor plays on words that are inevitably the same funny? Well I was surfing the Internet and found several explanations for this strange phenomenon but this was my favourite:

You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it. Bill Cosby

This is quite true at Christmas, everyone gathers around the table and prays that the cooking is going to be vaguely edible and not a cheap “Christmas Dinner in a Can” (no I’m not joking they do that in poundland proof) anyway when it turns out to be just about edible, a family member (usually dad) stands up with a cheap paper crown on and reads his joke from his cracker to the audience. Everyone goes that’s terrible and bursts out laughing. Hence we can see that if you replace poverty with Christmas dinner in our quote, aside from being quite funny, it would fit this perfectly.

Merry Christmas


Well here goes, firstly apologies for a lack of recent postings. There has been very little time in my schedule to post anything.

Now enough of my sadness, it’s that time again! Time for me to ramble on to you about clever stuff!

Today I am going to be talking about something a little scary so if you get scared I recommend you do not read this post. (but still please follow @loobleblog on twitter)

Have you ever wondered about world war 3? The odds are probably not, that is why I am going to tell you just how close we are to the next beginning of the world war, or more correctly the thawing of the cold war.

The reason for that last statement is that the cold war NEVER ENDED! To this day there is still one place on this planet where socialism and communism stand toe-to-toe with the only divide being a concrete slab. This is the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) in Korea. The 2 Korea-s only signed an armistice at the end of the Korean war and to this day have never signed a peace treaty. The north, a nuclear power in it’s own right and allied with China, one of the world’s largest military forces, against the south allied with the USA. The North are very anti-American and have previously threatened all out nuclear war with America. Hence one tiny mistake by one soldier in this area, the last front-line of the cold war, could lead to a truly global nuclear war.

The only nuclear powers (countries with nuclear technology) when the cold war was more active were the USA and Russia. However now there are several countries around the world with this most destructive power, thus I would say that we are actually closer now with the reliance of technology, to a nuclear war, than we were in the 1960s. This is because, there are many more computer systems controlling the weapons and we all know that computers can fail. In theory, one short circuit in an obscure wire in an obscure office in the middle of Siberia, could cause a computer to misread one command and launch the missiles.]

Then there is the argument that this is all part of the first world war. You have probably all just read that and said what the hell, the first world war was ages ago, surely Looble means the second world war. hose people are wrong, I do mean the first world war, and here is why.: see the second world war was caused by the treaty of Versailles being too harsh and causing Germany to go into a huge economic inflation period. But the treaty of Versailles was only created by the League of Nations (forerunner to the UN) after the first world war. The cold war was caused by the disagreements in the aftermath of the second world war. Hence why we are still (technically) in world war 1 and this was all started by the shooting of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary in 1914. If that gun had jammed, then we would all be living in a very different world. Communism would probably not have been particularly successful in Russia due to the lack of hard times and the global means of travel would probably be by balloon or ship since many innovations such as flight were developed as a result of the wars.

In my talks with my friend Uvfopssls (name altered for anonymity), we were discussing this issue and we decided that, if a war were to happen, it would probably destroy most of man-kind with the most casualties being in the upper hemisphere yet the fallout would be global. The EMP blasts alone would destroy most of human technology with the blast of one nuke over the channel enough to take out the electrical systems in all of Britain and at least the North off France.

I will leave today with a quote

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Einstein 

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Posted: December 17, 2012 in Fantasy, Flying

It is time to admit something, I am an aviation buff. I am really into the ins and outs of a jet engine or the development of a new seat cover. It may seem pathetic but it’s like anything… Once you’re into it, there’s no going back. Today I was watching an interesting national geographic documentary called Evacuate Earth. This deals with a hypothetical scenario where humanity has 75 years to save itself by building an “ark” in space. This may seem crazy but it is theoretically true. This inspired me to begin thinking about the future of flight. We all know that fuel prices are increasing at record rates and are unlikely to fall for a long time. So the entire world is panicking and decides to find its greatest consumer of fuel. They quickly come up with aviation (fancy for plane) and order the companies of the world to find new ways of powering planes. There are several options, firstly solar power. This is actually being tested in the real world at the moment. The plane however is about as wide as a small airliner with its wings covered in solar panels yet this can only power a small engine powerful enough for 1 person. The scientists quickly rule this out as a viable replacement. Now they look to more unconventional methods. They find 2 which stand out. Nuclear power and antimatter power. The nuclear power could potentially power a plane for centuries but they are dangerous and heavy due to the lead needed to shield the source. So the scientists go for antimatter. They find this to be hard work. They get the matter they need but they have to keep it in a vacuum in a magnetic field in order to prevent it from hitting matter and causing a huge explosion. The benefits however are potentially huge. A 1kg “block” could in theory power a plane for millennia without refuelling. The lack of space needed for the system means that, with some small design tweaks and increased engine output power, the plane could fly without wings. This has happened before when an Israeli Airforce F15 lost an entire wing mid flight and still landed safely. This antimatter could also power spacecraft making them clean and fast. Thus we can see why they chose the antimatter route for all mankind. If we can do this in real life, then we would have be a millennia on in technology from where we are now. So sadly we are still going to be flying in flying tin cans with wings for a little longer. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post please follow @loobleblog on twitter and use the links below to share with your friends (why keep this to yourself). Looble

Is this this or this?

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Crazyness, Real Life

After playing a very brightly coloured puzzle game earlier, I came up with a small theoy theory that I wanted to share with you. Have you ever been in the situation where you have looked at an object (let’s use a flower) and thought “oh what a lovely colour those petals have” , then you have asked your friend for their opinion and they have said “ugh that’s disgusting!”, I’m guessing you all have. The thing is, have you ever wondered why they have a different response? It’s all the same colour right. Well my theory goes that although the wavelength of the light being reflected from the surface of the object is the same for both sets of eyeballs. The receptors in the back of each person’s eye are ever so slightly different. In some cases this leads to colour blindness, the perception of 2 colours being the same, in thankfully extremely rare cases, this can leave a person with no perception of colour except for black and white. My theory goes that due to these differences, each person perceives each colour differently. This means that what we both call blue, I perceive to be more like your perception of turquoise. This means that I could perceive the red colour of a petal to be what you would call pink but what you perceive red to be could look more like a brown sludge to me. Thus why the flower looks beautiful to one person but horrible to another.

These differences in perception have actually been proven in nature. For example, in a BBC Horizon investigation into perception, they went to an isolated tribe deep in the jungle and showed them 2 pictures of circles of blocks of colours and asked them to point to the odd square out. They also did this to people in the western world. The westerners found the left circle hard but the right circle easy because they have different words for blue and green, however in the tribe they found that the people were easily able to find the left circle but struggled with the right hand one. This is because for them green is a very important colour so they have many different words to describe it, however they have few words to describe other colours as they are less important to their survival.hence they are unable to distinguish blue from green. Whereas in the west we have very few contexts for the word green and thus have few words for it and few classifications for it, but we need to be able to identify blue to survive so we have different words for green and blue. This is why we are able to get our results.

Another good example of these cultural differences is when an Eskimo comes south for winter. If you shouted at them “LOOK OUT FOR THE ICE!” they would look at you blankly and might ask “What is ice?” This may seem absurd but in fact it is due to their perception of the environment being different. Because we have very little snow here, we clump all frozen water together under the name ice. At the poles however there is much more snow and hence they need to know this environment in more detail hence they have many more words for frozen water so they could distinguish between what we would see as 2 identical sheets of ice.

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How tv makes (and will make) money

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Real Life

After doing something I (and much of Britain) admit to doing too much of, watching the blink box, I that today’s topic of discussion will be how they make money from us doing nothing. “Doing nothing?” You may ask. Well to start off we all know about those annoying things we call adverts, 5 minutes of our precious viewing time taken up between 4 and 6 times per hour. How do these little clips which many of us fast-forward make the tv companies millions. The entire point is to make you think a popular example are the adverts for John Lewis with the snowman link here where the advert, although terrible, sticks in your mind and implants a subliminal message. In this case the subliminal message would be “buy from John Lewis, we make people happy. :)” thus when you pass their store you immediately think of that. Depending on the timing and the channel an advert could potentially be worth anywhere from £100 to over £1million per go hence why the tv producers can afford to spend thousands on wall to wall cricket while still making a tidy profit (evidently someone can watch it without falling asleep) the advertising around a football field is a good example of some of the more subliminal techniques sometimes employed. The little wooden (or more commonly LCD) barrier or distorted poster on the ground may seem like normal sights but actually they are highly prized advertising points. Think about it, 715.1 million people watched the 2010 World Cup final alone (not quite 26.9 Billion total views but still…) Ok so you don’t remember what advert was up when the winning goal was scored but still it was seen by all 715.1 million people at once. It was subliminally implanted in the back of their mind and that is why the cost of advertising for the final was easily worth millions. A good share of this advertising profit goes to the TV companies but they also get the profits from the half time adverts. These all make a tidy profit for them in a reasonably short amount of time. All this from us doing nothing.
Now this is all well and good but the TV companies want to make it even more effective. We all know that there are TV services that let you watch stuff on demand with no advert breaks, so how do the companies get their money? First off they charge the providers for the right to show you these programs. Secondly they put in product placement this means that instead of mr Looble asking for a drink he will specifically ask for an [insert popular drinks brand here]. This one line can still be cheaper than an advert but is still extreme profit for the companies. Lastly they are going to use all that information that you give to them yes that means your address, email and even your phone number. This means they can track your location and then tailor the adverts to you. So instead of seeing an advert about somewhere 200 miles away you might see an advert for somewhere around the corner. This personalisation could be a big money spinner especially if there was a priority system introduced.

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